Senior Health Insurance

Senior Health Insurance

Don’t Be Confused by Medicare Insurance

Once individuals reach the age of 65, they are eligible for health insurance through the Medicare program. Medicare is a government-funded program to ensure seniors have the medical coverage they require after they stop working. Unfortunately, the Medicare system can often be confusing to seniors. With all the Medicare supplement insurance programs available, seniors can turn to Health Insure Plus in Dallas to help them decide what they need.

Understand All Your Options

All individuals who enroll in Medicare insurance are automatically eligible for Medicare Part A. This is the basic coverage that every person receives. However, this is often not enough health insurance to cover the issues that are likely to occur as you age. Most individuals will also qualify for Medicare Part B, but you must apply for this part of the program separately. You will not be automatically enrolled. If these aspects of coverage are not enough for you, we can help you evaluate the other Medicare supplement insurance programs to find the one that best fits your needs.

We Can Help You Find the Right Coverage

You don’t have to face finding the right Medicare insurance on your own. Our experienced professionals will work with you to go over your options and find the ones that will best meet your health needs now and in the future. Medicare supplement insurance was designed to give you the customized coverage you need. In addition to going over the type of coverage each supplemental plan offers, we will also take a look at your budget, so you can choose the option that fits within your limited income restraints, as well. We will show you what each type of health insurance can do for you and help you build a plan to minimize your costs without putting your health at risk.

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